Ba$£ard Barclays

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Sid_Ruff, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Hairy_Hacker

    Hairy_Hacker Old-Salt

    Santander/ A&L:

    Took my rent out twice on the same day. Consequence? Overdrawn so they bounced the payments! Got charged for both and an overdrawn charge. Rent not paid, council tax etc.

    Eventually got them to refund the money and repay the charges (insisting over the phone, constantly, that it was an "act of goodwill and not an admission of liability"! ffs). Left me to sort out an irate landlord etc.

    That was only one of many gleaming screw ups over the years. Having over the last 20 years had accounts with Barclays and HSBC I haven't moved accounts again as they all seem equally as shite.
  2. Bravo_Bravo

    Bravo_Bravo LE

    The error would probably have been with the originator of the DD, not your branch.
  3. lazystudent

    lazystudent Old-Salt

    My girlfriend has got a loan from Barclays, and been****ed around from day one, including them recently demanding back an extra 5,000 pounds they claimed she owed them, which she didn't. I also now a girl who works for Barclays, and she said if it wasn't a condition of her employment, she definitely wouldn't bank with them.
  4. Bravo_Bravo

    Bravo_Bravo LE

    How well do you now her?
  5. ViroBono

    ViroBono LE Moderator

    HSBC are just as bad; paid several direct debits that had been cancelled whilst I was away on Telic. When I sent them a boll0cking by bluey they wrote back suggesting I called into the nearest branch...
  6. launion

    launion Swinger

    HSBC asked me to pop in to pick up my Cheque card. I mentioned(by letter) that I was in Hong Kong, and asked if they could send it to the HSBC branch I used in Hong Kong. Silly t#*t in UK did not know they had branches in HK.
  7. Whiskey_60

    Whiskey_60 LE

    My Civvie job is working at one of the banks mentioned here, the first thing I can say is for all of you the problems aren't exclusive to your bank. All banks fcuk up, all charge for the same thing for pretty much the same amounts (one bank may charge you £20 for one thing where another might charge £15 for that same thing, however that bank will charge you more for something the first bank doesn't - it's a competitive Market).

    The bigger and bigger banks grow the less and less personal service you will get, Call Centers are often staffed by pretty poorly paid un-motivated people, so when you call and say "i'll change bank" they really don't care, they will still draw their wages each month whether you leave or not they just want you off the phone! But going back to the original point, all banks are shit, all will **** up royally for you at some point.
  8. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    So true, so true. There's much truth in the old saying "pay peanuts, get monkeys". What makes you think that some 20 year old on £14k a year gives a shit about your banking problem? They just want to do as little as possible and go home.
  9. armadillo


    HSBC, have committed so many dodgy stuff its unbelievable, Will be going thru the financial ombudsman later in the year.

    They have this huggy feely office space with advisors sat around, when they come out with crap I very loudly ask the manager, they get him in pretty quick, they will get away with murder, once went in with my contract, and a copy of the theft act, asked the manager to read it. He read it and I gave him a minute before calling the police, I have never seen anyone move so fast.

    Dont let these barstewards bully you, that is how they make there money off you.

    My favourite is clearance times for money to clear electronically, ot could be done instantly, what they do is put the money into a high interest account wait 3 days then give your money back and cream of the interest.

    I hate banks, bunch of robbing barstewards, so looking forward to the ombudsman going through my account. Might even get my money back!

    Good luck with barclays,
  10. Graa

    Graa Old-Salt

    Would you rather have a European bank (like Sparkasse) that charges you a monthly fee and all manner of random 'admin' charges and makes it as hard as possible for you to get to your cash or manage your account?

    I'll take my robbing barsteward British banks, because by being robbing barstewards they are free for people like me to use.

    I'm with Nationwide (free cash withdrawals in Europe at commercial exchange rate = up yours Sparkasse!) and Natwest (for my cash ISA). Never had any problems with either of them.

    We're pretty lucky to have 'free' banking. But I guess that's going to fall on deaf ears here.
  11. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

  12. hantsbloke

    hantsbloke Old-Salt

    1 Always always have/maintain at least 2 current bank accounts, including a debit/visa card & cheque book.

    2 Never ever pay a monthly fee unless you think its woth it.
  13. DavidBOC

    DavidBOC LE

    You should have asked her what the "H" in HSBC stands for FFS.

    Barclays has started to spread to the septic side of the pond. For years I dealt with LLBean, a mail order outdoorsy clothing place and had a "affiliate card" so for every 1000 spent I got a 10 dollar gift certificate from LLBean to buy more chinos, shirts, towels etc. A few years ago I got a letter from the store saying they were changing banks to Barclays and then got a letter from Barclays denying me a card. I called Barclays and discovered that they saw that I paid my full balance every month on time and never paid finance charges. I got a visa from another bak and now have enough points to pay for the airline ticket for my next trip to Florida. I am still pished at Barclays though.
  14. eodmatt

    eodmatt LE

    Abbey / Santander...... tw@ts.... I wrote to them and asked to change my mortgage payment date from 28th of the month to 2nd of the month, to ensure that payments into the account I pay my mortgage from are actioned on time. Simple enough?

    So they didnt take payment the next month on 28th, they took it on the second of the next month. Hunky dory. Except that three months later they started chasing me for a "missing payment". As I wasnt in the country at the time I didnt answer their letters and they didnt call my roaming phone number or send an email to the address which I had given them as my main comms. The result was that I got a letter (to the mortgage address) from a firm of debt collectors demanding payment with menaces (we'll come round and remove goods to the value of... etc). So I called the debt collection agency and explained the situation and also told them that I revoked their right of common access to my property - so in effect the moment they step onto my driveway they are trespassing and I can forcibly remove them (that bit was just for fun). Next I called Santander and was told they couldnt discuss my account over the phone (despite them asking me previously for a contact nmber and having been informed that I live outside of UK). So I told them that I would immediately come to UK, but that I would deduct the cost of air fares, loss of earnings etc from my mortgage account. They said they wouldnt allow that and I said that if there were any more letters from debt collection agencies and if they didnt repair my credit rating I would sue them in the high court for damages caused their negligent and possibly fraudulent actions. After some argy bargy they agreed to stop being so f*ing stupid and wait until I came back to UK. They said they would add the *missing payment" to my mortgage amount outstanding.

    A couple of months later I arrived back in UK and went to the local Santander office to be faced with a cretin of unbelievably low IQ who didnt even know how many days there were in the month of the "missed payment". I was refused an interview with a manager ("Why? We can sort this out here, many people are late with mortgage payments and dont need to see a manager").

    I had a ballistic sense of humour failure right there and then. A manager came out and asked why I was raising my voice. I replied that I wanted him to hear me and since I had not been allowed to winkle him out of his comfortable office, I was forced to raise my voice. I was asked to accompany him to an office but refused as I wanted all their customers present to know what a crap service they provide.

    I told him that I wanted my phone call costs for the several calls I had made from Iran refunding. After some more raised voice from me they agreed to credit my mortgage account. After about 3 hours of unbelievable obduracy they agreed to call off the bailifs and write a letter of apology that I could show to my bank (I have a credit card with a huge limit on it for use in an emergency and the card issuing bank had been alerted to changes in my creditworthiness caused by a "defaulted" mortgage payment).

    Eventually all was sorted out, albeit not without some considerable bullying and raised voice from me. Before leaving the Santander office I told the manager (and a load of interested customers) what I thought of their inefficiency and stupidity and told him that I would now start to pay lumps off my mortgage so I could get rid of it as soon as possible in order to reduce my exposure to their incompetence. He agreed that I could do this, since the 2 year "lock in" period had already expired. I told him to ensure that there would no cock ups with my extra payments.

    I duly paid off half of the outstanding mortgage amount over the next 4 months, so far so good..... Until last month when I noticed that a 15K lump I had transferred some six weeks earlier still hadnt hit my mortgage account. Moreover, Santander hadnt taken the monthly mortgage payment standing order from my current account. fearing a re run of the previous stupidity, I called them. After several phone calls and speaking to five different people, I was told: "We are holding the 15K and paying your monthly mortgage repayments with it. A few well chosen words describing their utter stupidity and possible fraudulent behaviour resulted in a senior manager calling me back and trying to explain why the action they were taking was actualy in my favour ("look at it like this, Mr. M....."). I gave him short shrift. The branch office then wrote to me saying that they could no longer accept additional payments by bank transfer and that in future any additional payments have to be made in joint names (the mortgage is in joint names) by means of a dual signature cheque from a joint account. I have no doubt that this is a ploy to stop me paying off my mortgage early since they know very well that I live outside UK. So they are due for another visit when I return to UK in March. This time I will take my daughter with me (she is a lawyer) to explain their own mortgage loan terms and conditions to them. I will of course claim a fee from them for her time. What a shower of sh1t!
  15. bonehead21L

    bonehead21L Clanker

    love this one closed my account a year ago, anyway 6 months later i get a statement saying im od, so ignored it silly me then got one each month with a dd coming out so wrote to bank with all the details, reply came back sorry cant find this account can you provide a copy of the statement, anyway in the mean time i got another statement, so wrote back to bank with copy of statement guess what they still cant find it but yes you guessed it ive had another statement since, wrote to the FSA got a letter from bank which was same as first letter. so now writing a really pissed off customer letter,

    whats worse these bastards charged me bank charges on top as well for unathorised OD so rather than not pay the dd they then charged me another 35 on top and they say cant claim them back. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh