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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by barnett, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. barnett


  2. deltacharlie52

    deltacharlie52 Swinger

    can you go down and stay other on the sunday night then??
  3. shane88


    anyone going october 26th...did my oath yesterday and the trains seem like thier going to be a bit of a ballache.
  4. kee_j_m

    kee_j_m Old-Salt

    30th of november anyone?
  5. Bean_12345


    Im starting basic at pirbright soon, got my kit list and instructions last week. It says hair has to be a minimum length of grade 3 on top and 2 on the sides... i've got a hench bald spot and normally just shave my head- do i have to let it grow or can i carry on shaving it all off?
  6. kee_j_m

    kee_j_m Old-Salt

    i thought u get your hair cut in pirbright
  7. gooner_29

    gooner_29 Swinger

    Im going to pirbright with my head shaved, Nice and ready.
  8. Awoljon

    Awoljon Swinger

    Who is starting basic training at Pirbright on 1 February 2010?
  9. gers12

    gers12 Swinger

    hey am going pirbright 1st of feb. what you going in as
  10. Awoljon

    Awoljon Swinger

    Cool! I'm going as CSEng Royal Signals. How about you? My wife is going in same day as me, she is going as chef.
  11. Wolfking_reborn

    Wolfking_reborn Swinger

    hey guys iv just passed ADSC at Glencorse n ill be goin to Pirbright next year unless a space opens up, the careers office aint said when yet just next year .

    how long was it untill you guys got a date ?
    im goin in Royal Logistics Corps / Driver n communications

    anyone got a kit list ?
  12. kee_j_m

    kee_j_m Old-Salt

    it took 1 month until i got my date
    just get the kit list from your careers office they have a magazine there with tipps for basic 2
  13. been here 2 weeks now,1st week you will get homesick,everybody does and hate it but second week is better and you start to learn how to use the rifle,if you want to know anything just reply
  14. brutalGamer

    brutalGamer Old-Salt

    whats the fitness been like so far andy? and is there plenty of chance to use the gym?
  15. arty90

    arty90 Clanker

    i go tomorrow, do us a a list of what you get up to on the first week
    think imgonna show up with a hangover