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ATR Bassingbourn Chat & Queries

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by swithenbank, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. swithenbank

    swithenbank Swinger

    Passed out friday, Was awsome, Prince Andrew Was there, too be honest i was crappin my self haha, thanks too the trainin team :) 2 week too rest n im off to bordon, stick it and well its the best feeling in the world marching off the square :)
  2. spotondotcom

    spotondotcom Crow

    waited a year 2 get in the royal engineers n due to start training on 4th oct, went to a mates at the weekend for a leaving do and ended up with 2nd degree burns all over my back as i set my shirt alight on the cooker.. the careers have knocked me back for a year because i need skin grafts, n the worst part is av got to start the whole process again once am fit n well ( selection course ect.) so enjoy yourselfs lads, am gutted, really gutted...
  3. southendgal

    southendgal Crow

    I'm so sorry for you. i hope you get well and back on track soon.
  4. cavemanmufasa

    cavemanmufasa Swinger

    Sad to hear it mate, hope you make a full recovery...

    On a different note,did my oath the other day given all the details on how to get there etc but I've found some conflicting info, I have 3 different times of arrival one for between 10-2,11-3 and the last I think is 12-4 I think.. Can anyone clear this up for me?? It's for the 4th oct intake invade that actualy makes a difference.

    I would ask my careers advisor but it's the weekend :/

    Cheers all
  5. Alfay

    Alfay Clanker

    I think i had to be at royston station by 1300 for pick up, that was May, dont know if its any different now sorry
  6. badbakerboy

    badbakerboy Crow

    im gonna be there between 10 and 2 cuz thast what it says on atr bassingbourn pre arival instructions on the website so i cant be blamed if its wrong
  7. domuk18

    domuk18 Swinger

    badbakerboy you got face book im of on 4th aswell
  8. DarrylSnoddy

    DarrylSnoddy Swinger

    anyone else for the 22nd November?
  9. pablo:)

    pablo:) Swinger

    is any1 going bassingbourn on 18th october, if so will ya send email. crap atmosphere when you dont know any1 on the 1st day of something! especially basic training :? or just send post back
  10. pablo:)

    pablo:) Swinger

    yeah im off there on 18th. whats ya email? how you doing on ya fitness
  11. pablo:)

    pablo:) Swinger

    what type of stuff excpet running have you been doing for your fitness
  12. gdm.bizkit


    Pablo if you PM me your facebook i can put you in touch with a few lads... I've know got to know about 7 guys that are starting Bassingbourn on the 18th Oct!
  13. pablo:)

    pablo:) Swinger

    i aint got facebook mate. the "missus" and all that tripe stoped me having one. :x i think i've got a weakness for others
  14. shane88

    shane88 Crow

    anyone else going october 26th?
  15. Bronson

    Bronson Crow

    elo bois, im headin to bassingbourne on the 18th too, (vm), gettin pretty nervous but spose were all in it together!! im harry by the way. look forward to meetin ya both.
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