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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sfub, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. My sister Evie has just received her call up to the WTC, lucky girl has a very smart green beret. I'd didn't like to tell her I've already got one from a lovely outdoor type chap we met in the pub the other night!


    2010 mode on: Women's Timber Corps, known as Lumberjills. I actually have one of their green berets, passed on to me by my father at the end of his life, who asked me to look after it. He did some training in Scotland before deploying to North Africa (wtf it's never sunny in Scotland!) and he must have retained happy memories! ps don't tell my mother, they met in the 50s! 2010 mode off
  2. Lady Thread - put these anywhere you happen to be working


    Cor blimey - I wouldn't mind coming down her chimney !!!
  3. For God's sake, you paedo! She's only 12!

    I've got her for you addres, though. I believe she sleeps in the attic...
  4. Strike while the iron is hot.

    It's not like she's gonna get much older.
  5. Just heard about the demise of Hitler, I'm outraged, do you know how long it takes me to save petrol coupons just for a spin in the Austin and there's jerry flinging the stuff about with no thought for us motorists.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Rodney's bad back does seem to be a bit better now. The Land Girls have all gone and we have some more 'Eyeties' - very friendly, they brought me a couple of rabbits yesterday. Rodney says they are an idle shower and spend all day combing their hair which I have to admit is very luxuriant and shiny. Oddly, I can't find my olive oil bottle which was still half full and one can't get any more these days. Rodney calls them greasy Wops but I think some of them are sweet and Mario has lovely brown eyes. They do sing beautifully. I quite like having them around. Mario has offered to help in the house.
  7. Ah yes eyeties with slanty eyes ........ oops sorry meant italics
  8. I should say it's hard to get hold of - you could only buy it in chemists, for softening earwax, before the war, yet my very bohemian friend Elizabeth David used to go on about it in her letters from France just before the war started, but I haven't heard from her for a bit. Strange girl, she used to get very excited about the way foreign johnnies go about using this earwax treatment for their cooking. I can't say I like the sound of that one little bit (although I don't suppose even they would cook with it after using it to clean their ears, ha ha).

    Very nice girl, in her way, but her whole family is a bit odd. Don't suppose she'll ever amount to much.

    [2010 mode]Edited for mong spelinge, and to add some chauvinistic English period colour[/2010 mode]
  9. Mind you, say what you like about Musso, he's made the trains run on time.

    (Can't believe it's taken 44 pages for that to be mentioned. Also, can't believe this has gone to 44 pages in under 4 days!)
  10. It hasn't - it's in there already - probably on about page 11 at this rate of expansion.

    Cracking good thread BTW.
  11. Blast! Well, you can say what you want about the SS, but they are VERY smart....

    ........... has that been done?

  12. She isn't called 'The Forces Sweetheart' for nothing you know.

    She isn't in the same league as The Andrews Sisters though, but the greatest Forces entertainer of all time is Bob Hope..well he was born in Blighty after all.
  13. I wonder if anyone under the age of 25 knows what we are talking about?
  14. Just stick lmao behind everything and sorted!
  15. Yes, well I do anyway.