Army wife claims Palace Barracks is like a brothel!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cabbage_man, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Cabbage_man

    Cabbage_man Clanker

  2. rgjbloke

    rgjbloke LE

    She leaves him to go back to England and he start having an affair after she's gone. He's not right to do that but to get it into the press like this makes the barracks a bigger target now. Why didn't she go to the CoC and flag it up?
  3. Abdiel

    Abdiel War Hero

    Cool how do I get stationed there!?
  4. cernunnos

    cernunnos LE

    Damn, so that's where all the "WEE MULLIES" are and there I was freezing my nadders off on Alfred street and Linen Hall street!
  5. sunoficarus

    sunoficarus LE


    I can excuse his actions having examined the evidence.
  6. FourEM

    FourEM LE

    Well thats the block ceilings under severe threat then :)
  7. slipperman

    slipperman LE

    It will be interesting to see how long this thread remains in this particular forum!
    That said, it does raise a serious issue - is security really that lacklustre over the water nowadays?
  8. I think from a security point, that people have let their guard down, because of the relative peace we have in Northern Ireland. Add in the fact a huge proportion of the Armed Forces, currently stationed in Northern Ireland were only youngsters or a glint in their Fathers eye when the troubles ended in 1994 and you can understand why people let their guard down.
  9. Blokeonabike

    Blokeonabike LE

    Hell hath no fury etc etc
  10. Flaggie

    Flaggie LE

    Security is clearly a joke -- they're letting all sorts of dodgy women in:

  11. Cabbage_man

    Cabbage_man Clanker


    If a misguided, murderous gobshite from the so called ONH (or whatever they are calling themselves these days) or indeed one of their friends in the ‘Rea IRA’ or ‘CIRA’ (same small bunch for the most part I hear) were to take advantage of this or a situation in Hoywood... or where similar security levels have dropped, and god forbid some poor squaddies are injured / worse... there will be serious questions asked. And not of the junior ranks. The evil intent in a small minority has not gone away you know!
  12. muhandis89

    muhandis89 LE

    I recall in the very early 70's that a large number of Prod girls were invited to discos there,with few security checks.Many marriages resulted.You know who you are!
  13. FiveAlpha


    Lets not forget also that the majority of boggy birds are ******* sluts.
  14. Dennis48

    Dennis48 War Hero

    Only 5mins down the road, drop the wife off to earn some extra money.
  15. uncle_vanya

    uncle_vanya LE

    wow... ain't that a surprise....... It had me coughing in me coffee..... found out at last..... what will squaddies get up to next??