Army Redundancies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. Acid_Tin

    Acid_Tin LE

    This is the signal from HQ AG doing the rounds:

  2. PartTimePongo

    PartTimePongo LE

    Can someone just quickly explain why experienced Soldiers with time to do are being made redundant?
  3. Acid_Tin

    Acid_Tin LE

    There's not enough room for them in the zones that they are currently in. No-one is saying that we don't need them.

    The restructuring of careers (ROCC) has identified broad zones in which we must either be promoted and move on - or not. These redundancies are merely the first step in harmonising the management of our people.

    Anyway, it's not as if we won't find 400-odd officers and soldiers who won't jump at the chance to take the Government to the cleaners with the redundancy package! And good luck to them as well! :D
  4. johnojohnson

    johnojohnson War Hero

    Be aware all, this is the first in many over the next 2 years. Mandatory redundancies will be introduced after the elections and will include all those duplicate positions as units are amalgamated.

    TCH (the SH1T) has already stated that the Army WILL be reduced to 102,000 from 108,000 ASAP.

    The retirment package is nothing and unless the person is quallified to the hilt, finding compatible work in this country is nigh on impossible.

    Good luck to them
  5. Queensman

    Queensman LE

    Come on down! (It's great out here.)

    As was said the last time round 'Anyone with any get-up-and-go has got up and gone'
  6. dogmonkey

    dogmonkey LE

    Except the Govt hasn't agreed to be taken to the cleaners, and the word on the street is that the original package was rejected as too costly, so if the new one has been accepted....
  7. Acid_Tin

    Acid_Tin LE

    Too much doom and gloom from the cheap seats (as usual).

    Let's just wait and see what glad tidings the DCI brings... :D
  8. trumpetman


    Bring on the money :D (he says with everything crossed)

    19.5 years completed, I meet the criteria and I'm ready for a new start.
  9. tattybadger

    tattybadger LE

    Here here Trumpetman!!! I suspect that we are not the only ones!! Reckon the box of vols will be full for this one. :)
  10. Agent_Smith

    Agent_Smith LE

    This is the typical civil service BS.

    WHY on earth are they trying to get rid of experience officers and NCO's??
    These are the guys that keep the army running. These are the guys with all the skills and experience.

    makes no sense at all. :x

    agent smith
  11. kennys-go-nad

    kennys-go-nad LE

    PTP :lol: please read the link below then after, think about what comes into force in April this year, the the Gov are desparate for older soldiers to join up to. and the younger ones are being, in some cases forced into. That is why they are only targeting the soldiers closer to the 22 year mark.
    Pensions control
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Is this a quote from 1984?

  13. kennys-go-nad

    kennys-go-nad LE

    Possibly :lol:
  14. trumpetman


    They made the mistake of voluntary redundancies in 1994 and lost a lot of good experienced men and women, that is why it will be compulsory this time. The powers to be will probably pick the people who are 'of no use ' and keep the experienced which means they will have to overbare in the current rank structure.

    I am not holding my breath on this one now.
  15. tattybadger

    tattybadger LE

    They will be asking for voluntary redundancies and will probably mix vol and compulsory redundancies. Hopefully all those that ask for redundancy fit the criteria for compulsory redundancy; no-one will be overly disappointed then!!

    More chance of plaiting diaorrhea (spelling??) than getting that mix right! :? :roll: