Are there any loopholes for getting out of a contract.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by seton, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. seton


    Hi everyone,

    I have just rejoined the army on a 3 year contract. There was a question mark over my pulheems as i was given P2 status as I am on regular medication for Blood Pressure, the contract did state I should be FE but my Regiment has decided I am fit enough to join.

    Since I rejoined I have received an offer from the police service and I would like to know if there is a loop hole to getting out of the contract?

    Any feedback would be great.


  2. Spanner

    Spanner LE

    just ask a few of our defence contractors how they get out of contracts.....

    On the serious side, I think you can use the medical route - if you are genuinely unfit to deploy, but then that may affect your application to the police. You could ask the police to defer, do your 3 years, then crack on?

    May be worth a chat with your Bn RCMO?
  3. smartascarrots

    smartascarrots LE

    Yes. You're a jack bastard. Thank fcuk I never served with the likes of you.

    Feedback enough?
  4. Mag_to_grid

    Mag_to_grid LE

    I doubt the Police will let you in with high blood pressure. I have heard of quite a few people who have been deffered for that reason.
  5. smudge67


    You sound like a spanker!

    Take drugs, get thrown out. You're no use to the Army.
  6. ewan2000

    ewan2000 Old-Salt

    "Current Affairs, News & Analysis" !!! Stag on :twisted:
  7. If you have been given a grading of 'P2' then you will have a PES of 'FE'

    you can't have FE without P2, and vice versa.
  8. I suspect a wah but if not this will get you out of your contract honourably
  9. Markintime

    Markintime LE

    If you are graded P2 then your hypertension is not considered enough of a problem to prevent you being graded FE provided that you meet all the other physical and mental gradings.
    You have already left the Army once and then been given a second chance which you are now contemplating squandering. This may well have already been noted by your Regiment whom, I'm sure, will be far from pleased so don't expect too much of a career with them.
    Inevitably the police service you wish to join will be speaking to your Regiment. They will, no doubt, fully brief them on your vascilation and apparent inability to stick at any career, always seeing next door's grass as the greener.
    So good luck because it looks like you are going to completely fail at both careers. If you can't honour a contract, because it doesn't suit you, what sort of a policeman do you think you're going to make? Do you really think you will be seen as an attractive proposition to the police?
    Now go away and prepare yourself for failure.
  10. Markintime

    Markintime LE

    Just a thought, I wonder if he's now joined Rum Ration as he thinks he may get a better response there.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Whens your regiment deploying?
    Seriously tho,this makes me a bit angry.I applied to join the local TA,passed the medical & stuff but was turned down because,like you,I am on medication for blood preasure despite it being under control.The reason the female MO gave me was I could'nt be trusted to take my own medication!! :evil:
    So you see I would love to join up again although in the TA. I'm actually thinking of trying again but with a different TA unit.