Any ex RCT out there

Discussion in 'RLC' started by sidrct, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. sidrct

    sidrct Old-Salt

    Any ex RCT out there. I was in 6Sqn Duisburg 75-78 the 3Div Sigs Regt from 78-82 then 60Sqn Catterick from 82-87. I joined at Taunton Brats Junior Leaders Regt 1973
  2. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Thousands of them, pal. :lol:
  3. Active_Edge_841

    Active_Edge_841 Old-Salt

    Yup, and proud of it! :wink:
  4. jase2472

    jase2472 War Hero

    another one here mate :thumright:
  5. 570mils

    570mils Old-Salt

    To right we're out here.

    Little bit after your time though..........

    And the joys of a posting to BAOR from Buller

    (British Army over the Road) at 27 Regt RCT
  6. jase2472

    jase2472 War Hero

    when was you at 27 mate happys days were had there in late 80's early 90's 8)
  7. Here's another for the list. Nine years RCT & how I love :heart: my shiney RLC cap badge.
  8. styx


    yeah, my dad is ex-RCT. he served from 1974 - 93ish. not sure of exact sqn etc though. and he's not particularly technically minded though, so i might have to give him a gentle nudge in the direction of arrse...

    he was also (understandably) p1ssed off when i applied for the royal marines.
  9. brettarider

    brettarider LE

    Last Jlr Intake at Colerne 91-92 :D
  10. FredWest

    FredWest War Hero

    JLR 88 - 89
    3 ADTR 89 - 92
    4 GS Regt 92 - 94, mmmm lovely
  11. taff_mchale


    4 adtr 91 till we went fecking rlc
  12. CrustyBmech

    CrustyBmech Old-Salt

    Sentenced to 12 of my 22 with Rickshaws: 7 Sqn 78-80, 617 TTU 80-83, 38 Sqn 86-92. At least we ALL understood the gameplan then. Bring back the Soviet Union, Tennies, Stickmen that were held in fear and Happy Hours on Fridays !!

    "They might be Trog b'stards pal but they are pick yourself up !!"
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  13. Ralphy

    Ralphy Swinger

    Ex RCT and proud..!!

    JLR Colerne 89/91..yes i was back squaded!!

    7 Sqn 27 Regt 91/94

    JATE Brize Norton 94/95

    MT Sec 55 Sqn 29 Regt 95/98

    For my sins!! Never a dull moment! Happy days!
  14. paragorge

    paragorge Old-Salt

    How Do You Know Theres An Ex RCT Bloke In The Room?

    He will fcuking tell you !!!!!!
  15. boggy_loggy

    boggy_loggy Clanker

    Yup me too...what a dull thread.

    We've been a Corps for 13 yrs now. Can we move on?

    Also did anyone out there ever:
    Fire the SLR/SMG
    Own '58 pattern Webbing
    Remember tin helmets with the painful spike
    Go on Active Edge / Lion Heart?

    blah blah blah blah