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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Shakespeare, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Old-Salt

    Is This sqn still full of drunken fighting armour freaks!
  2. chocolate_frog


    As a guess, i'd say...not! :roll:
  3. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Having actually served with the Sqn (and 211! YES i was in the RA at the time) a few years ago i would probably say; Aye! they are! :D
  4. b320n


    I totally agree with you, it is still full of drunks, hell i think i know a few of them. :lol:
  5. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Old-Salt

  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I remember that cry, although i used to use this one a lot too. "Wrong capbadge, not a team player" :D
  7. easy-wan-kenobi

    easy-wan-kenobi War Hero

    212! still the premiere sqn in herford as the others cant drink... or fight. some good lads in 211 and 201 but are let down by the majority of knobheads that seem to populate their masses. alot has changed recently with half the sqn still on tour and an influx of freddos from the factory but still a good bunch of lads!

    212 boys we are here.... woah woah! sing along you all know the words!


  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    There was only one place to be a Herford and that was Noddy (Line) troop, 3 Sqn, 4 Div now they were proper drinking boys. :D
  9. Jumping_Hat

    Jumping_Hat Old-Salt

    Line Troop at 4 Div, now there WERE a proper bunch of pisss heeds! :D Toptastic posting! How we ever made it out into the field on ex was amazing..... the amount of Panzer 'carcasses' lining the road to the autobahn (if not to the gate!) was a piss take! :lol: ...... Happy Days! The old 211 was a top Sqn, 212 .......... weeeel they were ok..... :wink:
  10. Well what can I say? 4 Div, amazing, I had the good fortune to serve in the Rebro troop and the misfortune to do a few exercises on "Armour". All an experience. Best unit in the 1st BR Corps for those of us old enough to remember, and what a f8**in good time on exercise, which was most of the time considering Red Ivan was still sitting in the East.

    I would not swap it for a $1000000, ask anyone who experienced the unit at that time. Work hard and play hard, not like the pussy's who are whinging on other threads at the moment. If it was appropriate to name names and charectars on this site I would. If you were one of the few in a real unit (including our glorious cravatted brigades shout out here. Like me youve probably had enough of the P****s at the centre of whinging. Get a life geeks and start earning your oxygen.
  11. military_skier

    military_skier Swinger


    What an amazing coincidence. I too was in A3 Tp, 2 Sqn, 4 Div and also spent some time on the armour. :p PM me - we may know each other.

    Yes, Line Tp were a bunch of pi$$ heads.
  12. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Old-Salt

    Yep we probably use the same armour, except it gets re fitted every decade or so. however we kind of work and play too hard sometimes however its mint

  13. Batman

    Batman Clanker

    Ah onthebusoffthebus,

    So now you admit that we are the 53rd state of the big ole USA !!!

    As for armour I had the pleasure of 3 Div at Kobecke fm 88-91 and I too had a brilliant time even though I got bust !!!!!! Good times and good laughs :)
  14. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Old-Salt

    I'll Be back in the ultimate sqn in may thank god
  15. Shakespeare

    Shakespeare Old-Salt

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