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Cutting about, up to no good.


LE, from Cutting about, up to no good.

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    1. 3123
      B_A my brother plays in bands in Edinburgh I I was on the phone to him just before and he reckons that Craig Ross at The Recording Studios in Granton is both an excellent player and tutor, don't know what he charges but I wouldn't be paying more than about twenty quid a session, if he's not for you I'm sure he can guide you in the right direction as my brother says that tutors are ten a penny so you want to make sure you get a decent one. Google the depot for the number I'm sure if nothing else its a better start point than the yellow pages mate. My brother is Al Shields..

      Good luck!

    2. awesome2012
      Im just annoyed and cant get this non applicant redundancy out my head, i am currently looking into the pinchpoint trades of transfer. Do yu know anything about transferring? I know there were only about 25 transfer applicants who got accepted in tranche 1 now thats worrying! i didnt want redundancy but gettin grips to accepting it, its daunting cause am a 6 year pte married preg wife and two young girls and thats sounding harsh leaving now at age of 26 lol well enough of me goin on, i just want to know what rank u are leaving at and dya think your gonna walk straight into another job... Well any information helps so fire away...
    3. Tommyb

      I'm following up a post you left on the subject of ice hockey. I hope you don't mind.

      I'm getting posted to 4 LSR in abingdon from deepcut at the end of april, and would love to pursue ice hockey again, which I played on and off in my civvie days. I've been pursuing info on ice hockey teams in the army, and have found out that there are teams, but no contact information. Also I'm pretty aware I'll be substandard to make the corps team, so I'm curious to know how any regimental teams there are out there in the RLC. I know 9 Supply have one, is there a place that lists teams and contact information?

      Thank you for your time and any advice you can give,

      best of british,

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    Cutting about, up to no good.


    "I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil." Albert Einstein, and he knew a thing or two.