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Failure in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Britain got almost everything wrong and should admit its failure
Old news perhaps, but vehemently expressed by Rory Stewart MP in the Telegraph on Monday. Read ARRSE users' reactions in one of the busiest threads of the week.

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The Intelligence Cell

Where is this Aircraft?6 mins ago

You mean the Pinger they were specifically listening for on what was considered the most likely locations. Just saying like

Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment

The new finacial incentive (£10,000) for ex regs to join the reserve.10 mins ago

Hi, im ex regular, I got out in December last year, I signed up for the reserve, but im confused as to how the "golden hancuffs" work, in an article from the dailymail it say "£10,000 over 3 years" so my question is how this works, is it 3 separate payments if so would it be...  »More

Old & Bold

What Would You Tell a Teenager About the Cold War?10 mins ago

I know an ex-Muj... Top bloke as it happens. He doesn't see a difference between Mujahadeen and Taliban. Both God's fighters.

Military History and Militaria

Military Modelling10 mins ago

Have a look at Fields of Glory (FoG) website. They do a fairly varied set of cast bases which are pretty damn good.

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

Another nonce - Sir Cyril Smith12 mins ago

Funny he didn't mention it in the tv interview he gave last week. In Australia. Like most of the stuff on this subject on the web/social media, it's rubbish. In the case of Cliff Richard that does seem a bit of a shame, I agree.

The Intelligence Cell

The Bible16 mins ago

How is a matter for God. Unlikeliness is the reason a couple of billion people are celebrating it today.[/quote] There are more than a couple of billion not celebrating 'zombie' day BP...although there is no safety in numbers I'll wager that only a handful of people actually believe...  »More

Army Reserve

Reserve Training24 mins ago

I am in the queens own yeomanry however my squadron ( B squadron, north irish horse) will be leaving the QOY ( along with the Scottish squadrons) to form a new regiment, which is to be known as the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry, with our hq to be in Edinburgh. As for info well the north irish...  »More

Films, Music and All Things Artsy

Military Movies - Best and Worst30 mins ago

You guys flip out on Gibson even when he had little if anything to do with the screenplay Gallipoli? Gibson didn't write it, he was hired to star in it.I've seen it and would say there is more anti British sentiment in the Miniseries ANZAC than this film The Patriot? Gibson didn't...  »More

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

The Phoenix Think Tank is back - proof you can't keep a bad idea down...30 mins ago

I wonder if either of the authors is aware that they've spent a good deal of effort (if not any thought, research or analysis) taking apart a doctrinal manual which has been obsolete for, what, nearly a year now? Or is it just that they can't type that quickly between them? Based on the...  »More

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

New national Anthem39 mins ago

I don't know. I can't even be arsed to google it. I once suggested it back when the Olympics were on and somebody else on ARRSE said it did.

Military History and Militaria

The One Place to Visit in Normandy41 mins ago

Lt Heal RE Croix de Geurre (Spelling?) of my company was one of those that were dedicated in maintaining HIllman. Being it was his efforts in opening up a path into the heart of the position, In those days Hillman was 650 metres long and 450 meters wide. We used it for a base for a while but only...  »More

ARRSE: Site Issues

Avatar pics44 mins ago

You took the shot while holding your pad/pod/phone upside down and so it stuck a virtual post-it note onto the photo saying "BTW - this image is upside down". ARRSE (and lots of other software) just throws the post-it away and slaps the image onto the screen in the same orientation it was...  »More

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

Major Gun Find In East London56 mins ago

Now the crims are using antiques will we see a very gentlemanly class of gun crime now ? Maybe a drive by on horseback with a blunderbus , or a gang murder with a pair of dueling pistols, or volley fire from behind meali bags with a Martini Henry ?

Army Pay, Claims & JPA

Pay when changing trade?57 mins ago

Hi, I am a class 2 CSop (sig) retrading to CSeng and I am On level 5 lower band pay. Assuming I have no dramas with ticks in boxes I will leave as Lcpl Comms_bloke (at last) but I don't know what level I would be on, Just curious if anyone on here has an idea? I assume I will go up one level...  »More

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

Crimea Heating Up...1 hour ago

Don't you just love it when animals can't resist showing their true selves? Oops in front of the camera? Say it isn't so Ivanovitch!  »More


Review: God of Vengeance by Giles Kristian2 days ago

The year is 785 and King Gorm has betrayed an oath and slain Jarl Harald and his village, with the exception of his youngest son, Sigurd, who manages to escape the slaughter. Sigurd is hell bent on revenge and is


Review: Death on the Don: The Destruction of Germany’s Allies on the Eastern Front Jonathon Trigg.3 days ago

Nazi Germany’s assault on the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941, Operation Barbarossa, was the largest invasion in history. Almost 3.5 million men smashed into Stalin’s Red Army, reaching the gates of Leningrad, Moscow and Sevastopol. But not all


Review; Images of War. Waffen-SS On The Eastern Front By Ian Baxter.4 days ago

This book is part of the Images of War series by the author. It contains rare and never before published photographs of the Waffen-SS in combat and at rest on the Eastern Front. Now as per the advert I can


Review: Look Who’s Back, A Merciless Satire by Timur Vermes6 days ago

This mercilessly satirical novel sends up our media-obsessed society in a splendid way, pulling no punches and sparing no-one. It has sold 1.5 million copies in Germany and has been translated into 38 languages. It has already been optioned for


Review: Mad Mitch’s Tribal Law by Aaron Edwards6 days ago

Subtitled ‘Aden and the End of Empire’, this excellent book describes the Arab insurgency and end of British colonial rule in Aden, and its hinterland, the Radfan.  All aspects are covered, predominantly from the British perspective but the focus of


Review: Hearts of Green – John Marsh1 week ago

Review brought over from Rum Ration Well, what could possibly go wrong? I read the book over a couple of evenings, sat in my comfy old armchair, with a good slug of finest brandy. It was a fair old yarn,


Review: The Caravaggio Conspiracy by Alex Connor1 week ago

This book follows on from “The Rembrandt Secret” but is a standalone book in its own right. However, reading the first would put a lot of the characters into perspective. The lead character, Gil, worked as an investigator in the


Review: Combat Camera by Christian Hill1 week ago

From Auntie Beeb to the Afghan Frontline .  May 2011, Afghanistan: Camp Bastion is under attack, the Sun’s defense editor is about to catch  the wrong helicopter, and a famous TV war reporter (and actor) is missing half his kit


Review of The Fallen by John Garfield2 weeks ago

I thought I would have a quick read of this book, flicking through the photographs, noting the war cemeteries I have visited myself.  However, that was not to be.  I finished up spending hours with maps (and Google Earth) looking


Review: A Very Strange Way To Go To War by Andrew Vine2 weeks ago

This is the excellently narrated story, now released in paperback, of how the P&O liner Canberra was requisitioned (STUFT) in 1982 and despatched to the Falklands War as a troopship. The book covers in fine detail the commandeering, conversion and


Review: For Exemplary Bravery – The Queen’s Gallantry Medal by Nick Metcalfe MBE QGM2 weeks ago

Metcalfe has written an exemplary book about a medal awarded for Exemplary Bravery; an award that he himself holds. This must be the definitive record of this medal to date. It covers the situation prior to the initiation of the


Review: The Road to Dunkirk by Charles More2 weeks ago

This is a book about a battle which was overshadowed by Operation Dynamo. It concerns the battle of the Ypres -Comines Canal in 1940. Once the writer gets into his stride, and describes the battle itself, its an exciting and


Review: The Ill-Fated Battalion by Peter Sain Ley Berry2 weeks ago

Sub-titled “The Story of the 7th (Leith) Royal Scots at Quintinshill and Gallipoli, 1915” Once again I will declare an interest here as The Royal Scots was my former Regiment (not that one ever fully ‘leaves’ a Regiment!)  I previously


Review: Great War, The Countdown to Global Conflict by Ian Welch2 weeks ago

On 7th. August 1914 the first British troops of the BEF commanded by Field Marshal John French  landed in France. They had been deployed in response to the German invasion of Belgium which violated the treaty of London 1839 and


Review: Chemical Soldiers by Donald Richter2 weeks ago

Donald Richter has written the first new history of the Special Brigade since 1934.The story of the officers and men of this unique and sparsely recorded formation. All of whose members have long since died and whose memory is preserved

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