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Waffen SS on the Eastern Front

This new book contains rare and never before published photos of the Waffen-SS in combat and at rest 1941-45. Quote "The author Ian Baxter obviously has a great eye for unusual and interesting photographs"

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Failure in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Britain got almost everything wrong and should admit its failure
Old news perhaps, but vehemently expressed by Rory Stewart MP in the Telegraph on Monday. Read ARRSE users' reactions in one of the busiest threads of the week.

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Current Affairs, News and Analysis

UKIP Racist campaign ?10 secs ago

I'll be voting for UKIP in both EU and UK elections Not because I think UKIP are the answer, because I think the 3 mainstream parties really do not deserve a vote UKIP is the best thing to happen to British politics in decades, finally the big 3 will have to listen to the electorate. UKIP is...  »More

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

Crimea Heating Up...2 mins ago

Were they not founding members of The Men in Black who exported football violence to the continent? Or something like that.

Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting

Educational waivers and professional experience7 mins ago

Thank you for the replies, nothing to lose in contacting them and asking so I will give them a call tomorrow

Films, Music and All Things Artsy

A Guitar owner's thread8 mins ago

Bollockchops, cheers for the reply. I've tried it with both battery and several 9v power supplies. It will let the other pedals run ok, but once stomped to go into proper "porn music wah" ...nowt!! It's very odd. I was "donated" several boxes of batteries off the...  »More

Army Reserve

Reserves Shouldn't Be Allowed To Do At Instructor Courses...8 mins ago

Some silly nonsense spouted here. I can't get my soldiers to go on AT. When I was a reservist there were lots of people wanting to go on AT or wanting to become instructors. The system is there for everyone to use. Reservists often make the most of it. Regulars often don't (for a myriad...  »More

ARRSE Social, Events & Networking

Cats. The Feline answer to The Arrse Kennel Club.8 mins ago

I spoke to our vet last week about giving Dusty a good trim, a la lion trim, and they seemed very wilco (she's long-haired and won't let herself be brushed). So Mrs Dummy booked the cat in for this morning. No food for Dusty from 1800 yesterday and in there for 0730 today. The place...  »More

Sports, Adventure Training and Events

Arrse Premier League 2013-14 Season9 mins ago

With all due respect to you Spider, and your knowledge of football, may I just say you talk much arse. In the position he was playing last night, he was only going to get 1 or 2 chances at best, but what he did do well was run his socks off and work for the team, much like he has done all season...  »More

The Intelligence Cell

Are we heading for World War 3?10 mins ago

Ah yes, something that might set on fire. My Russian, despite my frequent visits there is limited to "A large beer please" The bill please" and most useful of all, ty che blyad when talking to taxi drivers.

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

Water Wars12 mins ago

Reuters article on the GRand Renaissance dam in Ethiopia: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/23/ethiopia-energy-idUSL6N0N91QM20140423 Egypt looks...  »More

Military History and Militaria

An Old Munitions Question?!?13 mins ago

I believe the XM135 was a licenced copy of the UK 165mm L9, in the same way that the M68 gun was based on the 105mm L7. I believe that in US parlance, HESH was known as HEP (High Explosive Plastic). Posted from the ARRSE Mobile app (iOS or Android)


Questions about recce14 mins ago

I'm glad the equipment doesn't bother you because you can look forward to working with R-WMIK, Jackal, CVRT etc. until around 2020 before Scout is likely to put in an appearance. Tapped in morse code on the radiator.

Films, Music and All Things Artsy

The Crimson Field. Great War Medcs17 mins ago

Actually, the historical accuracy or otherwise is of little interest, having discovered that Kerry Fox, who portrays Sister Margaret Quayle, won an award for a performance with promise. In 2001 she won the  »More

The Intelligence Cell

Make Simon Weston a Knight17 mins ago

Tashengurt said: Thanks all so far. No I'm not him. I'm not even Welsh (thank christ!). I don't think the idea of basing awards on numbers of signatures is a good idea....  »More

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

Major Gun Find In East London19 mins ago

archer said: And here's some more  »More

Shooting, Hunting and Fishing

Who was looking for a swiss K31?39 mins ago

Shot it - first 20 rounds through it since proof. Shoots pretty well for a K11 with issue sights, once I'd worked out where it wanted to be pointed. Also been offered an adjustable rearsight

Royal Air Force

A400M project to be cancelled42 mins ago

Exactly; if you need to recapture a far away place in a hurry (Timbuktu, for example...), the parachute option remains hard to beat....

Films, Music and All Things Artsy

What TV show have you just watched46 mins ago

Currently watching 'True Detective ' which I downloaded last night. Stars Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson as detectives in the US deep south investigating murders of women/young girls. I'm a fan of them both anyway and so far it's fantastic and getting better every...  »More

Current Affairs, News and Analysis

France go it alone in Mali49 mins ago

A Naval Postgraduate School thesis from a US SOF officer; the US a re-discovering an old truth of Military Assistance.... ENDURING ENGAGEMENT YES, EPISODIC ENGAGEMENT NO: LESSONS FOR SOF FROM MALI by Simon J. Powelson, December 2013 "This thesis examines SOF’s recent experience in Mali and...  »More


Review – The Great War for Peace by WIlliam Mulligan1 day ago

A different perspective on the Great War. Not all of it is unique, novel or for that matter perceptive, but Mulligan does provide some valid and interesting points, despite the book meandering through all sorts of concepts, almost like a


Review: A Bicycle Ride in Yorkshire by Heather Dawe1 day ago

This is described, by the author, as an unofficial guide to the first two stages of Tour de France 2014. It’s a useful and attractive guide to the roads and scenery that will be tackled by cyclists on Saturday 5th


Review: Keane’s Challenge by Iain Gale1 day ago

Set against the backdrop of the Peninsular War, the maverick officer, Captain James Keane, and his band of (not so) reformed rogues cock a snook at one of Napoleons generals and bring the massive French army to battle at a


Review: God of Vengeance by Giles Kristian5 days ago

The year is 785 and King Gorm has betrayed an oath and slain Jarl Harald and his village, with the exception of his youngest son, Sigurd, who manages to escape the slaughter. Sigurd is hell bent on revenge and is


Review: Death on the Don: The Destruction of Germany’s Allies on the Eastern Front Jonathon Trigg.5 days ago

Nazi Germany’s assault on the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941, Operation Barbarossa, was the largest invasion in history. Almost 3.5 million men smashed into Stalin’s Red Army, reaching the gates of Leningrad, Moscow and Sevastopol. But not all


Review; Images of War. Waffen-SS On The Eastern Front By Ian Baxter.1 week ago

This book is part of the Images of War series by the author. It contains rare and never before published photographs of the Waffen-SS in combat and at rest on the Eastern Front. Now as per the advert I can


Review: Look Who’s Back, A Merciless Satire by Timur Vermes1 week ago

This mercilessly satirical novel sends up our media-obsessed society in a splendid way, pulling no punches and sparing no-one. It has sold 1.5 million copies in Germany and has been translated into 38 languages. It has already been optioned for


Review: Mad Mitch’s Tribal Law by Aaron Edwards1 week ago

Subtitled ‘Aden and the End of Empire’, this excellent book describes the Arab insurgency and end of British colonial rule in Aden, and its hinterland, the Radfan.  All aspects are covered, predominantly from the British perspective but the focus of


Review: Hearts of Green – John Marsh1 week ago

Review brought over from Rum Ration Well, what could possibly go wrong? I read the book over a couple of evenings, sat in my comfy old armchair, with a good slug of finest brandy. It was a fair old yarn,


Review: The Caravaggio Conspiracy by Alex Connor1 week ago

This book follows on from “The Rembrandt Secret” but is a standalone book in its own right. However, reading the first would put a lot of the characters into perspective. The lead character, Gil, worked as an investigator in the


Review: Combat Camera by Christian Hill2 weeks ago

From Auntie Beeb to the Afghan Frontline .  May 2011, Afghanistan: Camp Bastion is under attack, the Sun’s defense editor is about to catch  the wrong helicopter, and a famous TV war reporter (and actor) is missing half his kit


Review of The Fallen by John Garfield2 weeks ago

I thought I would have a quick read of this book, flicking through the photographs, noting the war cemeteries I have visited myself.  However, that was not to be.  I finished up spending hours with maps (and Google Earth) looking


Review: A Very Strange Way To Go To War by Andrew Vine2 weeks ago

This is the excellently narrated story, now released in paperback, of how the P&O liner Canberra was requisitioned (STUFT) in 1982 and despatched to the Falklands War as a troopship. The book covers in fine detail the commandeering, conversion and


Review: For Exemplary Bravery – The Queen’s Gallantry Medal by Nick Metcalfe MBE QGM2 weeks ago

Metcalfe has written an exemplary book about a medal awarded for Exemplary Bravery; an award that he himself holds. This must be the definitive record of this medal to date. It covers the situation prior to the initiation of the


Review: The Road to Dunkirk by Charles More2 weeks ago

This is a book about a battle which was overshadowed by Operation Dynamo. It concerns the battle of the Ypres -Comines Canal in 1940. Once the writer gets into his stride, and describes the battle itself, its an exciting and

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